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megatokyo2058's Journal

MegaTokyo 2058: The Beginning
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Hello and welcome to Megatokyo 2058!

First off let me make this clear, this story and all events detailed have NOTHING to do with MegaTokyo , (it’s a short but interesting story as to why this was named Megatokyo, but not mine to tell. so go to the Memory section and check out HM's Data Check) that is an innovative web comic of great esteem and loyal fans. MT, or MT: 2058 is a story of great esteem [in our own universe], a vigilant momma cat, and our number one fan girl [eeyore72] who ROCKS! Though I can see how you can mix the two up.

This is an edited version of what can be found on Blizzardskies Arena in the RPG forums. The reason why some content has been edited was to keep the flow of the story constant. Some characters that were introduced later became dropped if not picked up. The over all plot will not be altered in anyway. Any contribution given to this story has been acknowledged; if I have over looked anyone or anything please contact me so I may correct the mistake. Please be respectful of the creators, do not steal or “borrow” any character details without the permission of listed owner. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Some things about MegaTokyo 2058:

What is Megatokyo:2058?

MT:2058 is a collaboration of anime, manga, and movie inspired amateur writers. Joining together they used the information to form an alternate, not so distant future, universe with a cast of colorful characters working for Isawa Shoten Corporation. [Not unlike Shinesman] The story revolves around these characters [there are a few] and each author’s unique POV.

How did it start?

From my understanding one guy, Berus Roth, asked another, hemlock_martini, if he wanted to do an anime inspired story. However if you want the real story check out the HM's Data Check in the Memories section.

However, yes this story formed with two friends, started with more than one author, but with in the two-year writing span, it melted down to three dedicated storytellers.

Who are the authors?

There were many to start with, and unfortunately time and life took many away, but here is a list of the contributors.

Berus Roth
Darth Heather

Who are the main characters?

Under the names of the writers are the characters they created. Or you could go to hemlock_martini‘s lj to view the bios of Montgomery, Andrew and Suku, Keomi. [more pending]

Berus Roth

Andrew Montgomery
Keomi Suku (co-creation)


Keomi Suku (co-creation)




Nichiren Hibiki


Majikimi Masutomo

Darth Heather

Michi Miramoto (started as Mirumoto)
Yasuke Miramoto (started as Mirumoto)

Why are you doing this

I am doing this for the ones who wrote it, stayed by it, and [hopefully like me] enjoyed it. I hope to give a little props to those who started it, and maybe get a few sets of fresh eyes on it.

I was graciously asked to participate in MT 2061 (the sequel) by hemlock_martini and started to read 2058 in order to familiarize myself with the world. I’ve enjoyed the story so far and think of it as a wonderful working piece that taught everyone how to grow as a writer and friend. There are mistakes and misunderstandings, but its something that added to the over all feel rather than hindered it.

But enough of that lets move onto the story.

I hope you enjoy it.
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